Maemo CSSU Update (21.2011.38-1Tmaemo2.1)Coming !


camera-ui→Fixed "Not Enough Memory" when memory card is N/A

freetype→CVE-2010-1797 | Fixed a segmentation fault.

hildon-desktop→Remove zoom functionality.

hildon-desktop →Don't repaint until the screen is black

hildon-status-menu→Fixed settings not loading.

libcpaboutcssu→Don't strip T/S from version string.

hildon-home→Image sets support up to 9 desktops & portrait wallpapers.

libhildonfm→Correctly decide on mmc card type (external or internal)

hildon-desktop / libclutter→Keep aspect ratio and fix clipping for portrait thumbnails in task navigator
Added dependency on rtcom-accounts-voip-support.

2.1→Fixed libclutter dependency