Nokia N86 8MP Gets Firmware Update to v21.006

どこが変わったのでしょうか? 噂では単なるBugsFixらしいですけどね。

Now, it looks, that it works and it looks better than 20..115. Especially:

  • Internet radio now works.
  • Keypad DTMF tones are generated now.
  • The Theme Effects are faster, but display rotation is still not an "Eye-candy". Especially, when more advanced display themes are used, it is still slow and some areas of the screen are flashing white, which is very annoying for a dark-colored theme. But, definitively, there is an improvement.
  • GPS now locks really quickly (even non-assisted).
  • The camera seems functional, but I didn't make any extensive testing of its quality yet.

As a result, it looks that 21.006 is really a good choice to upgrade, especially from 20.115!