finaly got the sucess to hack N97 V20

<追記> 敢えて削除はしませんが、下記ではHack(Allfiles化)は不可の模様です

First get your own certificate thro any app. forum that offers the service, I managed thro, then download the rest files like Mapdrives, Rompatcher thro the foll. link: and follow the procedure as given below:

1. Sign & Install Mapdrives
2. Sign & Install ROMPatcher
3. Sign & Install Y_browser or X-plore
4. Run Mapdrives (Mapdrives will map drive A:\ to c:\sys\bin with rw access!)
5. Put files under "Copy_to_A" folder to A:\
6. Uninstall Mapdrives
7. Restart your device
8. Open ROMPatcher, apply open4all.rmp, ChangeSWIpolicyPath.rmp* & Installserver_FP2.rmp
9. Finally I could successfully hack my N97 v20.0.019 RM505
I hope this procedure helps other members to hack their N97 with the latest firmware/versions. Trust me it worked as far as I am concerned.