How To Enable BB CONNECT TO WM6.1 Based ROM

検証はこれから・・orz E71は諦めましたが、Qtek9000やi780で動いたら・・堪りませんw

see this post for more details...


1. Hard Reset (set up initial settings, connect to provider, its a total of two reboots iirc)

2. Change registry setting (HKLM\System\Versions Aku set to .0.4.2)

3. Soft Reset

4. Change Device ID to any value (Settings->System->About->Device ID)

5. Soft Reset

6. Install BBConnect via device browser from

7. Installation reboots system

8. Disable 3G connection, force to use EDGE via wireless connection manager

9. Device receives PIN, activates, etc..

10. Enable 3G connection

Notes: 1. So i dont know if items 2,3,4, and 5 were really required.. after preliminary testing, everything works fine with the 3g connection turned on after initial registration.

2. I noticed that the BBConnect Today icon kept showing an exclamation mark indicating its outgoing connection was being blocked. Also the status window kept showing that the connection was suspended by the user, when i never did anything.. so i tired disabling the 3G and sure enough.. problem solved..

Hope this saves someone out there the headache i've been going through.. oh well.. back to the girlfriend who i've been ignoring for the last 10 hours... (hopefully im not in that much trouble )